Futsal Essentials Training

(Image Courtesy Limestone Coast Football Association)

Registrations are now open for Football SA's April 2024 school holiday clinics.

The Futsal Essentials Training Program will be hosted from 9am to 12pm on 24 and 26 April at Wulanda Recreation & Convention Centre.

Please be advised that the date for this program has changed to the above from previous communications.

Players will receive high quality training from Football SA's Limestone Coast Development Centre team with assistance from local FA-accredited coaches.

Players will learn some of the essentials of playing futsal and focus on mastering the football, developing a top quality first touch, and being creative while under pressure.

Each player is guaranteed to have had hundreds of touches of the football before the end of the program.

Sign-up here: https://form.jotform.com/233387972442869.

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